Prestonwood Home Services

Keep Your Prestonwood Property Pristine

Prestonwood is known for its beautiful houses and has been voted the #1 neighborhood in the city of Dallas in recent years. MagnaPro serves all of your Prestonwood property needs, whether indoors or outdoors. We are dedicated to the upkeep of your entire home.

Services We Offer in Prestonwood

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Your Prestonwood lawn is a point of pride. Let our professionals keep it green and beautiful. We will keep your grass trimmed and your garden weed-free.


Laundry & Dry Cleaning

MagnaPro benefits your family by taking care of all of your laundry services. Not only will our professionals wash your clothes, but we can also have them dry cleaned.


Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Prestonwood is a great place to have a pool. Our MagnaPro Property experts will customize your pool treatments to fit your needs and keep it chemically balanced.


House Cleaning

Our house cleaning services are dependable, reliable and thorough. We will listen to your exact specifications for each room and adjust our services accordingly.


House Sitting

Leave your home in the hands of professionals you can trust. While you out, we will make sure your estate continues to run smoothly, even offering weekly status reports.

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Firewood Delivery

Don’t you love the feeling of a cozy fire in your Prestonwood home? Keep your house warm and inviting this winter with our firewood delivery service.

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Whatever your needs, MagnaPro is ready to
streamline the upkeep of your home.

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