Wylie Home Services

We Uphold the Highest Standards in Home Maintenance

Wylie is a growing city and an exciting place to live. We offer comprehensive home services to the people of Wylie with high standards of excellence, offering one team to manage all of your indoor and outdoor needs and simplify your lifestyle.

Services We Offer in Wylie

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Keeping your lawn green in Texas’ changeable weather can be a challenge, but we are here to serve you all year long, whether you require mowing, fertilizing or weeding.


Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Let us streamline your daily schedule by handling your laundry services, whether your laundry needs to be washed and dried, pressed or professionally dry cleaned.


Pest Control

We want to keep your home in Wylie safe and clean, and that includes pest control. MagnaPro will keep your home and yard free of mosquitoes, fire ants and more.


Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Pools can be time-consuming and difficult to clean, but your MagnaPro team can handle it all, from routine surface skimming to deep salt cell cleaning every few months.


House Cleaning

Our MagnaPros make sure your Wylie home is not only clean on the surface but thoroughly disinfected. We can dust, remove soap scum, vacuum floors and more.


Pet Sitting & Care

Traveling can be complicated with a pet in the picture. Your MagnaPros can take care of feeding, walking and more while you are away to keep daily life as normal as possible.


Document Shredding

Security is of top importance in today’s connected world. We safely shred your private documents off-site to ensure that your personal information is protected.


House Sitting

Your valuable investment should be left in the hands of those you trust while you are gone. We will take care of your Wylie home while you are away and monitor security.


Whatever your needs, MagnaPro is ready to
streamline the upkeep of your home.

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